International Agri Marketplace

Promote Your Agri-Business & Services worldwide. Buy, Sell of Agri Products, Machines & tools, Tractors etc.

Global Agri Marketplace

Shaping  the future of Agri-Business:  is an Agri B2B Ecommerce Platform to connect Indian FPO/Agri companies to International buyers/sellers to export/import Agri produce /Machines/inputs at the best price.


Agri Commodities:
You can buy or sell all types of agri Commodities worldwide.

Agri Machines:
You can buy or sell all types of Agri machines worldwide.

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Agri Inputs:
You can buy or sell all types of agri seed and inputs worldwide.


International Agri Marketplace

Global Agri Marketplace




Agridaddy’s vision is to provide an affordable & Trustworthy Agri Marketplace for International Agri Trade.



Agridaddy’s mission is to become the Best International Agri Marketplace for high-quality Agri products & services.

International Agri Marketplace is an online dedicated worldwide Agri Marketplace for sourcing and selling Agri commodities, Agri seeds & inputs,   Agri machines & implements, and you can find all types of Agri services, Agri workers, live stocks, etc. You can  easily list your Agri Products,  Agricultural machines and tools, and Agri professional services, Agri legal services on Global Agri marketplace.

Our Sister Concern Company "Agridaddy Inc USA" will help you to promote your Agri & food business in your United States of America and worldwide through its International Agri marketplace franchise model. Agridaddy Inc will assist you with Agri escrow payment services to protect your money overseas and also Agridaddy Inc will provide business KYC and quality checks through it's partners worldwide to minimize your risk.

Our Agri & food Buyers are located worldwide and we assist you to connect your Agribusiness with worldwide Agri Products buyers or Agri service providers.

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